About Us

D-Logic specialises in the sales and maintenance of commercial refrigeration including chillers, freezers and cold rooms.

At D-Logic, we understand what is important to you when you call for a quotation or for a solution to your refrigeration needs, challenging or straightforward. Expertise and experience we must have, and with that, we focus on getting the job solidly performed to your satisfaction.

From supermarket chains to speciality stores, we can create the cold space that holds your products beautifully on the shelves. And it is absolutely critical that we make what is beautiful, work efficiently and reliably, adhering to safety standards and regulations.

While we work hand in hand with our business partners and suppliers to bring the best of technology to where you are, our team are out there on the ground to listen and to carry out the tasks your situations require.

We are committed to combining the best of the cool effusions with glossy steel works to every job that we take on, with a skilful touch.

If you would like to get in touch with us to discuss your requirements, please feel free to go to the contact us page to send us a note.